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Our DJ services have been providing entertainment to our customers since 2009. We are always looking to the future and setting goals for growth in our business. We are in the process of adding more team members to help us reach our goals. We also take pride in building relationships with new customers and providing the best service possible. We take great care in every event we are part of and strive to make it an enjoyable experience.


Hi, my name is Brad. I started growing Smooth Sound Solutions in 2009 when I did my first wedding. Since then, I have done 100s of events throughout the Midwest. As the owner and Main DJ of Smooth Sound Solutions, I have dedicated my professional and personal life to the knowledge of music and this industry. I have set a lot of goals for myself over the years and one of those was to be a full time DJ which I did in 2021. After that, I started building as many relationships with new clients and potential partners as possible. I am currently the Director of Entertainment at Peppers 2 in Greenwood, IN and I DJ as many weddings, corporate events, parties and private events as I can. I have a team of DJ partners that help provide entertainment to as many events as we can get our hands on. I plan to grow in the future with new venues, business partners, clients and industry professionals to ensure the future of Smooth Sound Solutions is always on the incline. 

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